who is GELA?

angela k i m
>> is based in Toronto as a visual animation artist.
>> has training in 2D animation but LOVES design, illustration, classical and graphic art.
>> believes in genuine art with purpose and passion.
>> currently available for freelance/contracts

in the past have been employed by:
>> Chuck Gammage Studios
>> Social Media Applications
>> Guru Studios
>> Cuppa Coffee
>> OCAD as a p/t TA

>> loves snowboarding, softball and climbing
>> vices include coffee and films.
>> has 2 dogs (yes. devout dog person)
>> noob bassist in a small band (extremely fun!)
>> would love to one day write a script and a book
>> learning french - again (it's sad because i was in french extended - not quite immersion, but almost there)
>> wants to make a documentary and other films
>> has too many blogs
>> loves film photography! (but is cheating with her camera phone app - cause it's cheaper)